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The Scholarship Selection Committee described this year's applicants as "dedicated and deserving of the Daniel Metcalf Scholarship, reflecting both the academic and community values that Mr. Metcalf valued throughout his own life".

We encourage all eligible candidates to continue to apply next year, and every year during which they remain eligible.  Please contact the Scholarship Committee if you have any questions, especially regarding criteria for selection.  They would welcome a chance to talk with you before the formal application period.

Our 2019 scholarship award winners are:

Chryssabella Jones-Craig of Alstead.  Chryssabella is a Dean's List student at Suffolk University in Boston majoring in undergraduate law in her sophmore year. She works two jobs, volunteers with five different organizations, including the Suffolk University Law Association, while continuing to maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA!

Joselyn Holt of Acworth is currently attending Keene State College as a senior and is majoring in Exercise Science and Occupational Therapy. Joselyn is an honor student, plays soccer and works two part time jobs, including a 300 hour required training internship.

Both these students are exceptional and deserving recipients of the Daniel M Metcalf Scholarship.

We wish both these recipients good luck in their college educations and with their goals!

Daniel M. Metcalf

Scholarship Information


In 2019, two $2,000 scholarships were awarded to the remarkable young applicants shown at the right of this page, who graduated from Vilas Middle School and who have successfully completed one or more years of secondary education. Anyone with questions about the new application process or those wishing to apply may click on the download icon in the lower left or contact VMS Principal Gail Rowe by calling 603-835-6351 or e-mailing for more information.

The Daniel Metcalf Scholarship Fund (DMSF) was established and has been administered by the Vilas Alumni Association since 1958 (see complete listing below).  However, with Alumni membership declining, in 2010 it was voted to change the criteria in such a way that the scholarships will remain with local students.  Since there is no longer a Vilas High School, future scholarship recipients will have graduated from Vilas Middle School. 

A selection committee, initially comprised of both Vilas Middle School administration, Fall Mountain Regional High School Staff and Vilas Alumni Association members, has been formed to review all applications. The selection committee will make its' next decision in June 2020.  Scholarship applications must be postmarked not later than May 31, 2020 and should be sent to; Principal, Vilas Middle School, PO Box 670, Alstead NH 03602.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work toward a smooth transition in the memory of Daniel M. Metcalf and the alumni he inspired!

The Daniel M. Metcalf Scholarship Program was established in 1958 and has been going strong for over 60 years.  Mr. Metcalf was a Principal at Vilas High School and his main ambition was to serve the community of the Alstead Attendance Area, preparing each student to attain their highest potential.

In 2011 The DMSF was transitioned from the Vilas High School Alumni to the Vilas Middle School and scholarships now include Vilas Middle School graduates, having completed their 8th grade year at Vilas.  This scholarship will be awarded annually in June to any 8th grade graduate of Vilas Middle School who has successfully completed one or more years of continuing higher education and is currently enrolled in a vocational/technical, Junior College, College or University program.

In order to maintain the scholarship fund, it will be necessary to have fundraisers.  Now that the scholarship fund is in the hands of the Vilas Middle School, the new committee, made up of VMS staff, parents, and alumni will continue to support the effort to keep the scholarship fund viable, but it needs to have help from parents/grandparents, relatives of Vilas Middle School students, people in the community and those who have graduated from Vilas Middle School.

If you are interested in joining this team and learning more about the scholarship fund, which could benefit your child or a student, please contact Gail Rowe, Principal of Vilas Middle School at 603-835-6351, or e-mail 

Current and Previous Daniel M Metcalf Scholarsip Winners

1960 Ella Knight                        1993 Amy Holbrook                              2015 Robbie Franklin

1961 Alva Derrington                        Christine Parker                                  Christopher Henry              

1962 Laura Mason                     1994 Leigh Putnam                                       Mary Locke

1963 Marshall Sargent                      Christine Jennison                                Clay Gendron

1964 Robert Nichols                  1995 Jennifer Rhoades                         2016 Heidi Miller

1965 Thomas Esslinger                     Shannon Pelton                                    Clay Gendron

1966                                          1996 Gregory Cheeny                            2017 Sara Marsden

1967 Thomas Moore                          Jeremy Lund                                         Christopher Henry

1968 Michael Burke                   1997 Crystal Haskins                                     Sophie Bushey

1969 Peter Rhoades                           Calvin Bascom                              2018 Mason Leonard

1970 Paul Asbell                        1998 Kathleen Whitcomb                               Sara Marsden

1971 Joyce Campbell                         Joshua Nichols                              2019 Chryssabella Jones-Craig

1972 Ronald Batchelder             1999 Amanda Beach                                      Joselyn Holt

1973 Robert Balla                               Steven LaMears

1974 Karen Clark                        2000 Melissa Hayman

1975 Karla Rhoades                           Jonathon Clark

1976 Beth Saunders                    2001 Stacy Esslinger

1977 Regina Batchelder                       Greg Lund

        Scott Kemp                         2002 Celeste Compton Bates                        

1978 Virginia Bascom                          Jandee Lee Porter

        Dottie Austinowich             2003 Adam Kohler

1979 Charles Smith                             Ashley Roy

        Donna Winham                   2004 Anthony Westcott

1980 Tracey Stearns                           Joy Bowen

        Bruce Holloway                   2005 Kyle Hayman

1981 Frank Dearden                            Megahan Jackson

        Cheryl Knicely                             Nathan Putnam

1982 Melissa Smith                      2006 Shannon Dion

        Jane Campbell                             Rob & Jennifer Gendron

1983 Linda Colburn                              Joshua Wade                      

        Keith Young                         2007 Meghan Gendron                                 

1984 Shawn Balla                                 Madison Monty                                 

        Melinda Smith                              Angela Kmiec

1985 Dacia Pelton                         2008 Jason McGuirk

        Dean Allen                                    Courtney Stanley

1986 Jennifer Grant                              Carmaron Isbell

        Kimberly Wheeler                 2009 Melissa Courtemanache

1987 Scott O'Hearn                                Cary Bascom

        Sandra Noonan                     2010 Arlene Fassett

1988 Peter Young                                  Tyler Boucher

1989 Tina Woodell                         2011 Ariel Porter

        Randy Rhoades                              Kim McDonald

1990 Samuel Young                       2012 Kim McDonald

        Marcia Clark                                  Wesley Cubberley

1991 Kristy Rhoades                      2013 Olivia Lincoln

        Kenneth Christie                           Tyler Gendron

1992 Jessica Putnam                     2014 Mallory Fredrickson

        Hugh Gendron                               Tyler Gendron