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The Scholarship Selection Committee described this year's applicants as "the strongest group of candidates we've seen so far".  We encourage all eligible candidates to continue to apply next year, and every year during which they remain eligible.  Please contact the Scholarship Committee if you have any questions, especially regarding criteria for selection.  They would welcome a chance to talk with you before the formal application period.

Our 2017 scholarship award winners are:

Sophie Bushey of Acworth.  Sophie attends Keene State College majoring in Communication.  Sophie participates in intramural sports and will attempt to become a "walk on" with the KSC women's basketball team this fall. She plans on pursuing a Master's Degree in Education and hopes to become a middle school guidance counselor.  She ended her first year with a GPA of 3.66.

Christopher Henry of Langdon. Chris attends Union College where he is a senior majoring in Biochemistry/Pre-Med.  He is doing undergradute research in environmental health, and making plans to do graduate work in either biochemical engineering or chemistry. He recently received the Student Researcher Fellowship from Union, and maintains a 3.55 GPA.

Sara Marsden of Alstead. Sara attends UNH, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and hopes to become a Physician's Assistant.  She participates in undergraduate research, intramural sports, the UNH Ski Team. UNH Outing Club and still holds down two jobs while maintaining a 3.66 GPA.


Daniel M. Metcalf

Scholarship Information


In 2017, three $1,000 scholarships were awarded to the remarkable young applicants shown at the right of this page, who graduated from Vilas Middle School and who have successfully completed one or more years of secondary education. Anyone with questions about the new application process or those wishing to apply may click on the download icon in the lower left or contact VMS Principal Gail Rowe by calling 603-835-6351 or e-mailing for more information.

The Daniel Metcalf Scholarship Fund (DMSF) was established and has been administered by the Vilas Alumni Association since 1958.  However, with Alumni membership declining, it was voted to change the criteria in such a way that the scholarships will remain with local students.  Since there is no longer a Vilas High School, future scholarship recipients will have graduated from Vilas Middle School. 

A selection committee, initially comprised of both Vilas Middle School administration, Fall Mountain Regional High School Staff and Vilas Alumni Association members, has been formed to review all applications. The selection committee will make its' next decision in June 2018.  Scholarship applications must be postmarked not later than May 31, 2018 and should be sent to; Principal, Vilas Middle School, PO Box 670, Alstead NH 03602.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work toward a smooth transition in the memory of Daniel M. Metcalf and the alumni he inspired!

The Daniel M. Metcalf Scholarship Program was established in 1958 and has been going strong for almost 60 years.  Mr. Metcalf was a Principal at Vilas High School and his main ambition was to serve the community of the Alstead Attendance Area, preparing each student to attain their highest potential.

In 2011 The DMSF was transitioned from the Vilas High School Alumni to the Vilas Middle School and scholarships now include Vilas Middle School graduates, having completed their 8th grade year at Vilas.  This scholarship will be awarded annually in June to any 8th grade graduate of Vilas Middle School who has successfully completed one or more years of continuing higher education and is currently enrolled in a vocational/technical, Junior College, College or University program.

In order to maintain the scholarship fund, it will be necessary to have fundraisers.  Now that the scholarship fund is in the hands of the Vilas Middle School, the new committee, made up of VMS staff, parents, and alumni will continue to support the effort to keep the scholarship fund viable, but it needs to have help from parents/grandparents, relatives of Vilas students, people in the community and those who have graduated from Vilas Middle School as well as Vilas High School.

If you are interested in joining this team and learning more about the scholarship fund, which could benefit your child or a student, please contact Gail Rowe, Principal of Vilas Middle School at 603-835-6351, or e-mail