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October 17, 2008
Dennis G. Wilson
High Valley Country Club, Packwood, Washington
My years at Vilas were memorable to say the least. Dan Metcalf was our mentor, counselor and above all, our friend! Later in life, I golfed with Dan and got closer than I ever had in High School. He was indeed the cornerstone of Alstead throughout my years there. Thanks Chuck for establishing a website! Denny Wilson, Class of 66

October 16, 2008
Eric Bascom
Springfield, Mass.
I've studied a lot of things in my 80 years but one of the most valuable courses I ever got at Vilas was Typing. Mrs. Kelleher pitted Don Bascom and me in speed contests, in which we went as fast as we could go without errors for about ten minutes and then compared the strokes. I think we both got up to 90 words a minute. It was Miss Rae who got us into public speaking and sent us off to the contests in Laconia. Perhaps it was a toss-up: I've been using both skills a long, long time!

September 5, 2008
Beatrice Harrington Ramsey
This year our class celebrated our 60th reunion with a luncheon at The Tavern in Walpole. With sixteen of our class surviving, it was good to have eight of us in attendance. Our group consisted of Ralph, Rod, Dave, Dana,and Lil' Al along with Milly, Madeline and myself. We came back to our house here in Alstead for dessert and conversation. Shirley Bascom Powers joined us. Hopefully we will all meet next year. If anyone knows how we can get in touch with Tom Feary, please write me. Reunions are great and if no one steps up to plan one for your class.....just do it yourself! Happy days to you all. Bette

August 15, 2007
Sandra Mavor Harris
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Thank you for developing this website. Hopefully one of these years I'll be back for a visit with alumni at the yearly reunion. I loved high school under Mr. Metcalf. I spent a good bit of time as I remember on the bench outside his office for being near mischief. His nickname for me was 'Trouble'. Many years later, when I returned for a reunion, the first thing he said was 'Hi Trouble - good to see you'. Funny thing is that although I didn't really do anything - it seemed I was always around the mischief.

August 6, 2007
Matthew Stevens VJHS '82
Columbus, Ohio
My father Sonny ('57) and mother Joanne ('58) are each Vilas HS grads. I read every page of this site after my sister made me aware of it. Love the Memories stories, and the stories and tributes of Dan Metcalf, who was a neighbor of ours during my childhood. I hope more personal stories of all kinds are posted.

July 31, 2007
David Lordan
Huntington Beach, California
My years at Vilas High were, by far, the best years of my youth. Dan Metcalf, Coach Green, and so many other exceptional and patient teachers set a pace and standard hard to find in today's world of any level. Regardless of the roads we traveled, Vilas was with each of us and always shall be.

July 30, 2007
Rob Crocker
Maineville, Ohio
Great job on this website. This is a wonderful source of information and it provided me with a pleasant trip down memory lane. I have the fondest memories of my time at Vilas High School and will always remember my all too numerous visits with Mr. Metcalf. He was a super inspiration to me. Rob Crocker Class of 1966