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Our 2019 scholarship award winners are:

Chryssabella Jones-Craig

Joselyn Holt

Please see the announcement under "Scholarship Information" for more details on these exceptional students.

Vilas High School Alumni Association

Association History     Meeting Minutes


Vilas High School was dedicated in a ceremony on January 3, 1935.  The keynote address was delivered by Professor James A. Tufts of Exeter who encouraged the students present to “in later life, think of the advantages made possible for them by the Vilas gift, and to give proper credit to Mr. Vilas for giving them inspiration.”

Another guest that evening was Major Kingsbury of Keene, who said; “I would appreciate and I know Mrs. Vilas would also appreciate seeing something new in Alstead each year that would indicate that the Vilas School had started a movement toward a better community”

With the advent of the Alumni Scholarship Program in 1959, and our subsequent work to establish the Daniel M. Metcalf Scholarship Fund, in perpetuity, the Vilas High School Alumni Association has committed itself to the direction first conceived by the vision of Charles N. Vilas and reiterated in the 1935 school dedication. We thank them for their wisdom and their guidance.


The annual Vilas High School Alumni Association Meeting will be held on June 27, 2020 at the Alstead Fire Station. We cordially invite all alumni, teachers and friends to join us.