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If you have news on any Vilas High School alumni, please let us know. Thanks!

On June 22nd, prior to the annual Vilas Alumni Association Meeting, 14 members of the Class of 1964, accompanied by spouses or friends met for a wonderful lunch in Keene to celebrate their 55th year since graduating from Vilas.  The day was planned and organized by Ann Donnelly, Chuck Mosher, Jim Strickland and Joe Tuttle, and for all of us lucky enough to attend, it couldn't have been more special!  Our only regret was that circumstances kept everyone from attending, and we were saddened to learn our good friend and classmate, Bill Ells has passed.  If you are one of those that couldn't attend but are reading this, you were missed!  We were honored by the presence of Sandy Greene and Larry and Jane Twitchell. The hours flew by as we shared verbal snapshots of our lives, stories, memories and the geniuine pleasure of spending time together again after so many years.

Vilas High School Class of 1964

Melvin Allen (deceased)

Gail (Porter) Baldasaro

Judy (Rajala) Bellows

Linda (Crocker) Bennett

Earl Buffum

Ann Donnelly

Rebecca (Wilson) Elliott

Thomas Esslinger

Martha Fletcher

James Haskins (deceased)

Richard Holmes

Elaine (Lamphere) Jobin

Waneta (Bascom) Judkins

Kathleen (Andrews) Knight (deceased)

Joseph Kohler

Annette “Loretta” (Wilson) Laird

Carol (Smith) Lawrence (deceased)

Cherrie (Haskins) Lewis

Gail (Clark) Miller

Leroy “Chuck” Mosher Jr.

Herbert “Butch” Pratt

Ralph Renzelman

Vivian (Putnam) Ritchie

Gary Roberge (deceased)

Jane (Tuttle) Robinson (deceased)

Linda (Bellows) Roller

David Stanley (deceased)

James Strickland

Steven Timpano

Joseph V. Tuttle Jr.

Richard “Sarge” Westcott

Patricia (Henry) Wheeler

Daniel Young (deceased)

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