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Every sustainable organization has that "ONE PERSON" that works tirelessly behind the scene to get things done and keep everything running smoothly!  Ours is MARGARET BOST.  This week (April 23rd) Margaret fell while working in her yard, and is currently at the Farnum Rehab Center, 580 Court St. Keene NH 03431.  Please join us in wishing her a speedy and successful recovery!

The 2018 Winners of the Daniel M. Metcalf Scho;arships are Sara Marsden of Alstead, and Mason Leonard of Langdon!

Please click on Scholarship Information to learn more about these exceptional citizen/scholars.

Class of 1964 announces plans to meet for lunch at Papagallo's restuarant in Keene on June 22nd, prior to the Alumni Association meeting in Alstead that evening.  Please contact for details!




Vilas High School - 1935 to 1966

Vilas High School Dedication - January 3, 1935

"The history of Vilas High School in Alstead, New Hampshire begins and ends with a new building. It's tempting to think of it simply in that context, but in doing so, we'd be missing the things that best defined the institution and the special memories its name evokes. Some found a love of learning there. Some of us found the great love of our life there! Most found respect, for themselves and for others, and for the value of sportsmanship and of fairness in all our interactions. All of us found friends, and memories that have sustained us in the years since we graduated.

Measured by today's standards, an institution that graduated 582 students over a span of 32-years doesn't sound very significant. Physically small? Yes . . . but insignificant? For the students who had the good fortune to find themselves surrounded by the warmth of the polished wood and tile, motivated by teachers who took extraordinary pride in the roles they played in shaping a very brief portion of our lives . . . we know better."